Jobs for Life (JfL)

Are you unemployed? Are you employed, but desire to have a better job? Are you willing to make an 8-week investment to make your employment future more promising?

A primary issue with unemployment is dealing with a loss of purpose. Without work, we begin to identify Ourselves with our circumstances.

Jobs for Life is a course which provides job training focusing on the 'why' of work, ongoing mentoring and providing hope to those in their community who struggle finding and keeping employment. In addition to the training, each JfL student will have a mentor who provides the student friendship and support both during the training and following graduation.

JfL 8 week program enables students to:

  • Understand the importance of character
  • Discover their interests and skills and match these with a career path
  • Develop a vocational plan
  • Identify obstacles they may have and develop a plan to overcome them
  • Learn how to network, research, locate and secure a job
  • Learn how to stay employed and advance
  • Develop friendships and positive relationships on the journey
  • Develop self discipline to reach their goals

course details

  • Time // Mondays & Thursdays 10am-1pm
  • Cost // $50
  • Location // 165 Rooks Road, Vermont
  • Next Course // January 2017

I feel like I have a much clearer way forward now - something which I lacked prior to embarking on the course. I also have more hope than I started with - hope that I can maybe now start to achieve some of my objectives.
— Graham, 2015

get involved

Student Mentor

  • Provide friendship, support, and counsel to a JfL student over a period of 2 months
  • Approximately 4 hours p/w for 8 weeks
  • A heart to bring hope to the long-term unemployed
  • A desire to help, listen, encourage

Business representative

  • Share about your own business and your experience in what you would look for in potential employees
  • Conduct mock interviews for the JfL students to aid in the development of their skills...


COACH is a long term mentoring program. It matches disadvantaged families and young people with trained volunteers from the community to assist them to create a brighter future for themselves.

The aim of COACH is TO create opportunities and cast hope.

COACH influences generational change within families by breaking cycles of poverty and family dysfunction. Families are supported to deal with issues such as family breakdown, long term unemployment, early school leaving, addictions, homelessness and isolation. Community ties are strengthened, as families are able to gain confidence to improve their prospects and build social participation within their local communities.


COACH mentor

  • Provide friendship, support and counsel to Coach clients
  • Approximately 1-2 hours per fortnight over 12 months
  • Receive specalised training in areas such as goal setting, empowerment and conflict, to assist in your role as a mentor
  • A heart to support families and individuals in the community
  • A desire to empower, listen and encourage

I honestly believe I would have gone to jail and lost everything - my family, my job, my house - if it had not been for this program.
— Peter, COACH Client