Share the Joy #4

When I heard what the team were doing in cycling from Adelaide to Melbourne I was kind of jealous.

  1. It sounded like fun!
  2. It would push the boundaries mentally and physically
  3. It was a way of pulling together a wide group of people to give hope and joy to those who find themselves in tough situations, often through no fault of their own

I knew the ride was not going to be feasible for me - I simply wouldn't be able to do that (this year at least). But then I had the idea of doing a handicapped race to the end.

I can run. I can run a half marathon at approximately 12-13km per hour. So I have decided to help raise funds to unlock as many cyclists as possible. I will gather people to sponsor me, which adds to the overall tally, and depending on how much we collaboratively raise towards the overall goal will determine how far I run...

  • $250 and I'll run 10km (an easy distance for me)
  • $350 and I'll run 15km (also a comfortable distance)
  • $450 and I'll run 21.1km (a distance I can run comfortably at an easy pace)
  • $500 and I'll run 25km (a distance I've run mane 3 or 4 times before)
  • And if we make $600 I'll run 30km - a distance I have never run!

I will start when the guys are approximately double the distance away from the finish line, which should result in a close finish between runners and cyclists! You are welcome to join me in the JoyRun by donating!

Let's restore hope and joy to those in our community together!

Donate here

- Hannah Easton