Share the Joy #1

Everyday we have the choice to live for the benefit of others. To lay down our lives for those around us.

Often we associate the above with self sacrifice. And often that is what's  required.

However, there is also a joy in living for the benefit of others.

There is no greater feeling than witnessing someone in a hopeless situation regain hope. 

Every so often we get the opportunity to do something a little crazy. To live for the benefit of many. To bring joy. To inspire hope. To advocate for the voiceless.

This year we are going on a Joy Ride.

In early August 9 brave people are cycling from Adelaide to Melbourne in 3 days. The purpose of this fundraiser is to support Hilltop Foundations Jobs for Life Program (JfL) which is a course that assists the long term unemployed find and maintain meaningful employment. 

Jobs for Life takes a fresh and holistic approach to assisting people battling with unemployment. 

I feel like I have a much clearer way forward now - something which I lacked prior to embarking on the course (JfL).  I also have more hope than I started with - hope that I can maybe now start to achieve some of my objectives.
— Graham, Graduand

Help us achieve our target and unlock Peter McHugh to join the team.

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Share the Joy.