Share the Joy #2

When I was initially approached by Dave with the Joy Ride idea I thought he had finally gone 'one step too far' in his pursuit of his dreams!  It's is a long way from Adelaide to Melbourne.  I am nearly 60 and only moderately fit.  I don't ride a pushbike often and the thought of such a long time riding was enough to make my backside ache…that thinking was completely generated by my humanity!

Then my spirituality got involved.

Sons, both natural and spiritual, have the joy of standing on a father's (or mother's) shoulders and multiplying the dream of their father (mother).  In 1990, the first year of Stairway Church, I pursued the dream of starting a benevolent organisation that would support the struggling, disadvantaged and marginalised in our community.  That organisation has operated for over 25 years and is now known as Hilltop.  A great deal of energy, sacrifice and effort was expended back in 1990 to get 'that organisation' going.  Now Dave, my natural son, is asking me to help him take it to the next level.

Equally over the last 25 years, I have remained passionate about walking humbly with my God to see our community and culture change.  I live for the benefit of others in pretty much everything I do, I am and am becoming.  The Joy Ride not only sees me serving the dream of my natural son, it also a very physical expression of doing what it takes to help others who are long-term unemployed find and maintain meaningful employment.

So, if you would like to play a part in unlocking me for this ride and give to a great cause, follow this link:

Donate Here

Thanks for 'unlocking me'.

- Peter McHugh